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BeachFit's Coaching Services

Welcome to BeachFit's Services page, where I offer a range of specialised training programs designed to elevate your beach volleyball performance. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a solid foundation or an advanced player aiming to enhance your skills, my personalised coaching and tailored fitness programs will help you reach your goals.

Off Season Specials

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4-Week Strength & Conditioning Program

Specialised for Beach Volleyball Players - Online Onboarding Session included

$100 per 4-Week Program

The 4-week program is designed to help athletes develop strength and conditioning for improved performance on the court. The focus is set on developing speed, agility, and power through a combination of mobility, plyometrics, strength & conditioning exercises as well as building stability and balance for the beach. The program is tailored to each athlete's individual needs and goals, ensuring maximum progress and success. What's Included: ✔ Get Faster, Hit Harder and Jump Higher ✔ 4-Week Training Program delivered through Everfit ✔ 100% Beach Volleyball Specific ✔ Free Online Onboarding Session Included ✔ Extensive Video Library ✔ Ongoing Online Support ✔ Covering Mobility, Plyometrics, Strength and Conditioning Sections Details: ✔ Please note that my services are not subscription-based, allowing me to be flexible and accommodate your individual needs and schedule. I understand that factors such as holidays, sickness, and other commitments may arise, and I'm committed to working with you accordingly. If you need more information, please check out the FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions.


ONline Workout LIbrary (Launch Date May 2024)

Access diverse workouts anytime, anywhere with Beachfit's new online library.

Available for Members

Discover the versatility of our online workout library, featuring: ✔ Equipment-free workout sessions ✔ Invigorating cardio workouts ✔ Rejuvenating recovery sessions ✔ Tailored options for all fitness levels and preferences ✔ Convenient access to support your fitness journey from any location

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Ready to take your beach volleyball performance to new heights? Contact me today to discuss your goals and I will find the right program for you. Simply drop me an email via and I will be in touch soon.

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